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Bestie Bash

Hosted at our Umatilla location
All Ages Welcome

“Movin’ Swift-ly Eras Bash”  May 31, 2024 $25.00

Calling all Swifties! Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with all your favorite Taylor Swift hits and dance routines. From “Shake It Off” to “You Belong With Me,” we will keep the music pumping as you and your besties groove to the beats of pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Highlights of the Event 

•Taylor Swift Music Marathon: Dance to all the chart-topping hits.

•Swiftie Dance Battles: Show off your best moves and compete in fun dance-offs with fellow Swifties.

•Costume Contest: Dress up as your favorite Taylor Swift era or character for a chance to win amazing prizes!

•Photo Booth Fun: Capture memories with your Besties in our Swiftie-themed photo booth complete with props.

“Jammin’ in My Jammies”  June 14, 2024 $25.00

Get cozy and get ready to groove at the ultimate kid's pajama dance bash! Grab your favorite jammies, slide into your slippers, and join us for a evening of non-stop dancing and fun. Leave your worries at the door and let loose as we jam out to the hottest tunes and dance the night away.

Highlights of the Event

•Pajama Parade: Strut your stuff on the dance floor in your coolest pajamas during our pajama parade!

•Dance Battles: Show off your best dance moves and compete against friends in epic dance battles.

•Limbo Contest: How low can you go? Test your limbo skills and see if you can become the limbo champion!

•Pillow Fight Zone: Have a blast in our pillow fight zone – just don’t forget to bring your softest pillow!

“All American Girl Bash”  July 12, 2024 $25.00

Calling all American Girl doll lovers! Whether you’re a seasoned American Girl doll collector or simply love to immerse yourself in the world of dolls and dance, this event is perfect for kids of all ages! Step into the enchanting world of American Girl dolls at our exclusive themed dance party – where dreams come to life and memories are made!

Highlights of the Event 

•Doll Dance-off: Bring your favorite American Girl doll and choreograph your own dance routine together.

•Dress-Up Station: Glam up with sparkly accessories and themed props for the ultimate photo op!

•Tea Party Treats: Enjoy delicious treats and refreshments inspired by the American Girl doll dining experience.

•Doll Fashion Show: Strut your stuff on the runway with your doll in hand, showcasing your unique style and creativity.

“WILD About Acro”  August 2, 2024 $25.00

Get ready to unleash your inner wild side at our WILD About Acro themed dance bash! Join us for an exhilarating adventure where you’ll dance, tumble, and roar like the wildest animals in the jungle. From lions to monkeys, elephants to zebras, get ready to move and groove to the beat of the jungle drums.

Highlights of the Event

•Safari Dance: Embark on a dance safari through the jungle as you learn fun choreography inspired by your favorite wild animals.

•Animal Tumble Zone: Roll, flip, and tumble like a playful animal on our specialty mats and obstacles.

•Jungle Crafts: Get creative and make your own wild animal masks to wear during the party.

•Safari Snacks: Refuel with delicious snacks and refreshments inspired by jungle treats.

Limited spots available...
Registration opens 3/4/2024

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